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When should you hire me as your Virtual CIO

  • Businesses are in need of urgent change or transformation

  • You are facing mergers and acquisitions

  • You need to differentiate from your competitors 

  • Your KEY IT management go absent on a long-term basis

  • A particular skill or experience is needed and you don´t have it

  • You need to improve the overall performance of the organization or a department

  • The IT manager change jobs

  • The CIO retires

  • You have a great CIO that is overloaded and need real help and support

  • You need to make substantial changes within the organization

  • Your company is going through a crisis

  • There is a reorganization

  • Whether your business faces a period of transition

  • You need fresh air and innovation on IT

  • You need someone that thinks Out-of-The-Box

  • You have to temporarily increase capacity

  • You need additional expertise

  • You need to define and follow a succession planning

  • Whenever you need quick access to the right IT management skills when you don’t have them

  • When you really believe that technology is the way of getting things done

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